3MT100 - Chaos

Chaos is the erratic behavior of simple nonlinear dynamical systems. This course covers the basic fundamentals of chaos theory, including the concept of scaling and universal route to chaos, and its connection to these non-linear, deterministic but unpredictable dynamical systems. From simple chaotic maps, to the physics of fractals and multi-fractals via the concept of […]

3MT120 - Advanced Computational Fluid and Plasma Dynamics

The course guides students to the hand-on discovery of several classical numerical methods commonly used to study the dynamics of fluids and plasmas: from continuum computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approaches (Spectral and finite volume), to the Lattice Boltzmann (LBM), particles based methods (Molecular Dynamics, Brownian and Stokesian dynamics) and Particle-in-cell Monte Carlo (PIC-MC). [Link to […]

Dario Maggiolo

Nowadays, electrochemical energy storage systems for renewable sources are gaining much attention throughout the world. Fuel Cells are one of the most popular renewable energy converters. Water management is crucial inside Fuel Cells because water condensates and eventually clogs the diffusion layers, leading to high mass transport losses and limiting their performances, especially at high […]

Koen Arens

The energy deposition in a liquid drop on a nanosecond time scale by impact of a laser pulse can induce various reactions, such as vaporization or plasma generation. The hydrodynamic response of the drop can be extremely violent: The drop gets strongly deformed and propelled forward at several m/s, and subsequently fragments or even explodes. […]