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My main research interest is the statistical physics of complex systems, more precisely my work is at the crossroad between complex flows, complex fluids, and active matter.

We employ experiments, observations and, primarily, state-of-the-art large-scale, high-fidelity numerical simulations. At Eindhoven University of Technology I holds the chair of Computational Physics of Multi-scale Transport Phenomena in the department of Physics and in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Our research is embedded in the  4TU Centre of Excellence for Multiscale Phenomena and in the JMBC Burgerscentrum for fluid dynamics, the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute.

Most of the research challenges that I like to undertake involve important multi-scale aspect, where non-trivial physics emerges at the large-scales, due to the microscopic physics. Several research topics that we are working on are also strongly interdisciplinary, trying to push the boundaries of physics across different disciplines. In the computational work we are daily busy with innovation of numerical methods, and large-scale numerical simulations. 

Keywords from my research include: fluid dynamics turbulence, lagrangian turbulence, thermal convection, complex fluids, soft glassy, active matter, crowd dynamics, Lattice Boltzmann methods.

I have been awarded a number of large scale computational grants (DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative, PRACE). I have been promoting sharing of raw research data,  founding the International CFD Database hosted at CINECA (Bologna, Italy), and contributing to establish the Turbase database. I served as chairman of the International Collaboration for Turbulence Research (ICTR, http://www.ictr.eu). I acted as Chair of the COST Action MP0806 "Particles in turbulence" and as chair of the COST Action MP1305 "Flowing matter".

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