Francesco Picano

Luca Biferale

Visiting professor from 01-01-2011 to 31-12-2011

Cascade 3.19, tel. 4851

Enrico Calzavarini

HPC-Europa Grant

Visit from 01-07-2010 to 32-09-2010

Salvatore Lovecchio

HPC-Europa Grant

Visit from 1-6-2011 to 31-8-2011

Eros Pecile

Erasmus student
Visit from 31-05-11 to 31-09-11

Supervisor: Federico Toschi

Alessandro Dal Cin

Visit from 07-03-2010 to 28-01-2011

Riccardo Scatamacchia

Visit from 07-02-2011 to 07-03-2011

Luca Scarbolo

HPC-Europa Grant

Visit from 22-09-2010 to 22-12-2010

Andrea Donini
Currently working at the Mechanical Engineering Department

WH 3.125, tel. 3621

Alessandro Candini

Francesca Mancini

Enrico Piton

Andrea Scagliarini