Glow Eindhoven 2016 - INFLUX experiment

In collaboration with the ILI, our INFLUX crowd flows experiment during Glow Eindhoven 2016

"When a light is turned on, the light itself starts to move and pushes away the darkness by flowing into every nook and cranny. During this process, the light doesn’t move freely but is influenced by the surfaces and edges of the area. Such an influence could never be possible without visual perception. Whenever a large group of people starts moving, you can also speak of a flow. Such crowd flows are also influenced by the physical surroundings, among which: light.

At the Markthal, the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the University of Technology researches the influence of light on the behaviour of human beings. The Markthal is a Living Lab, not the traditionally hidden laboratory in the dark corners of the academy, but a lab in the real, living- and working environment of people.

During GLOW, the Markthal will be all about the flow of people and the flow of light. Enjoy the dynamic light patterns at the Markthal and discover how light affects the crowd flows."


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