Francesca Tesser

Title Population dynamics under flow Aim Simulations and experiments on populations of organisms living in aquatic environments and growing under flow conditions. Summary Ocean, rivers and lakes are natural environments for many living organisms. In these ecosystems they reproduce, compete for food, swim and die. The presence of a flow can have a strong effect […]

3CS03 - Caput Theoretical Physics: Theory of liquids

Liquids lack the long-range order typical for solids. Collisional processes and short-range correlations distinguish liquids from dilute gases. Therefore, no idealized models comparable with the perfect gas or the harmonic solid are available for even simple liquids. During the last half of the 20th century a rapid progress has been made in our understanding of […]

3FMX0 - Fysisch modelleren en simuleren

Study guide De cursus biedt een overzicht van een aantal fundamentele problemen uit verschillende domeinen in de fysica. Hiermee wordt geïllustreerd hoe fysische problemen langs klassieke analytische en numerieke weg kunnen worden gemodelleerd. Deze aanpak is van wijdverbreide nut voor verschillende wetenschappelijke disciplines. Het college illustreert welke stappen nodig zijn voor de definitie van analytische en […]

3T350 - Chaos

This course is the continuation of 3T220 (Chaos), but now with a greater emphasis on the application of Chaos concepts to fluids. Chaos is the seemingly erratic behavior of simple deterministic, but nonlinear dynamical systems. We will first discuss the route to chaos, where we will already encounter the scaling concepts that will return in […]

COST Action MP1305 "Flowing matter"

Flowing matter lies at the crossroads between industrial processes, fundamental physics, engineering and Earth Sciences. Depending on the microscopic interactions, an assembly of molecules or of mesoscopic particles can flow like a simple Newtonian fluid, deform elastically like a solid or behave in a complex manner. When the internal constituents are active, as for biological […]