COST Action MP0806 "Particles in turbulence" Memorandum of understanding Fluid turbulence is ubiquitous and so is its ability to transport particulate matter such as dust, soot or droplets. The dynamics of particles in a turbulent flow is fundamental to everyday life - examples of open scientific and technological issues include rain formation in clouds, pollution dispersion in the atmosphere, optimization […]

Population dynamics under flow

Various recent studies have revealed amazing phenomena in the dynamics of bacterial colonies where biology meets physics, in particular statistical physics, fluid dynamics, and (soft) con- densed matter. These biological systems reveal analogies with complex fluids (isotropic- nematic phase transitions), spinodal decomposition phenomena in physics and materials sci- ence, and diffusion-limited reaction kinetics in chemistry. […]

Convection in multiphase fluid flows using lattice Boltzmann methods

Biferale, L., Perlekar, P., Sbragaglia, M. & Toschi, F. (2012). Convection in multiphase fluid flows using lattice Boltzmann methods. Physical Review Letters, 108(10):104502 DOI We present high-resolution numerical simulations of convection in multiphase flows (boiling) using a novel algorithm based on a lattice Boltzmann method. We first study the thermodynamical and kinematic properties of the […]

Inverse energy cascade in three-dimensional isotropic turbulence

Biferale, L., Musacchio, S. & Toschi, F. (2012). Inverse energy cascade in three-dimensional isotropic turbulence. Physical Review Letters, 108(16):164501 DOI We study the statistical properties of homogeneous and isotropic three-dimensional () turbulent flows. By introducing a novel way to make numerical investigations of Navier-Stokes equations, we show that all 3D flows in nature possess a […]