Davide Picchi Simone Fisci Luca Biferale Visiting professor from 01-01-2011 to 31-12-2011 Enrico Calzavarini HPC-Europa Grant Visit from 01-07-2010 to 32-09-2010 Salvatore Lovecchio HPC-Europa Grant He will visit us from 1-6-2011 to 31-8-2011 Eros Pecile Erasmus student, visiting from 31-05-11 to 31-09-11 Supervisor: Federico Toschi Alessandro Dal Cin Visit from 07-03-2010 to 28-01-2011 Riccardo Scatamacchia Visit […]

fluids, flowing across the scales

fluids, flowing across the scales  Friday, June 24, at 4 p.m. Fluids are everywhere and still many of their fundamental properties are not understood. The apparent simplicity of the equations describing the motion of simple fluids contrasts with the beautiful complexity of turbulence. Fluid dynamics is clearly important to our daily life: we drive, navigate […]

Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Collective Dynamics from Bacteria to Crowds 2012

Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Collective Dynamics from Bacteria to Crowds July 9, 2012 — July 13, 2012 Coordinators: Federico Toschi (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) Adrian Muntean (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) The collective motion of individuals (correlated motion of ants or migration of bacteria, flocks of birds, just to mention but a few) […]

Non ideal particles and aggregates in turbulence 2012

Suspensions of small aggregates are found in many different situations, such as environmental, chemical, industrial or material processes for colloids, polymer manufacturing and aerosols. The control of small aggregates size distribution is a key question for the theoretical investigation, and more importantly for the processing of the suspensions. In turbulent fluid flows, the existence of […]

New Directions in Turbulence 2012

SCIENTIFIC CONTENT This six-week program (12 March 2012 to 20 April 2012) will focus on recent development in the understanding of fluid dynamics turbulence with the goal to identify promising breakthrough directions. From the point of view of theoretical physics, turbulence is a classical field theory, out of equilibrium and in a strong coupling  regime. Turbulence is one […]

Particles in Turbulence 2012

Aim & Description The goal of the workshop is to bring together scientists working in the fundamental physics of particle transport in turbulence and related phenomena. The idea is to focus on a short but intense period (the workshop is organized over 3 full days) and to bring together scientists working on: experimental, numerical, theoretical […]

Particles in complex flows 2012

The transport, distribution and collisions of particles in turbulent flows is of fundamental interest, as well as being present in a variety of engineering and naturally occurring flows. Examples of related scientific challenges include rain formation in clouds, pollution dispersion in the atmosphere, emission reduction in combustion and plankton population dynamics. In such flows, particle […]

3T380 - Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

Quick links: [Link to course schedule] [Link to lecture notes] [Link to additional books and material] [Link to exercises] [Link to possible individual assignments] The 3T380 course provides an introduction to advanced computational methods useful to investigate fluid flows from the micro to the macro-scales under laminar and turbulent flow regime. The course will present an overview of several complementary computational methods. […]